Join in on Major League Axe Throwings first MLAT Tournament to be held at Choppers Hatchet House in Cherry Hill, NJ on Jan 29, 2021.

Dubbed the Turnpike Strike
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January – TPS!
Skills will be on IATF Targets.
Tournament will be on MLAT Targets and throwing from the 145 inch Line
-1.5 Spin Clutch Poker
-5 Throw Blackjack, No Clutches
MLAT Double Elimination Tournament
This will be a tournament run under the MLAT Scoring. Handicaps WILL be in place. The ONLY way to get a handicap that can be used in this TPS will be through your official League Average. If you are not a member of our MLAT League, you are free to register and get a handicap. Registration can be found on our website…
1st = $175
2nd =$100
3rd = $75
4th = $40
5th/6th = $25
During this pandemic, it shouldn’t be any surprise that money is tight. Although we do have a cap, we do need to protect ourselves from this being a losing event costing us money as well. Because we don’t know how the turnout will be for this axe throwing tournament will be, just throwing it out there that if there are less than 16 payers, we reserve the right to adjust from the standard pay out of the $450 prize pool to become a percentage based payout, similar to how we do our Marathon Leagues.
Registration will be cut off at 9PM on THURSDAY 1/28
No Refunds
You MUST wear mouth and nose coverings at all times!