How to use MLAT Scoring Software – Bowling style format

1 – Add each player using the green [Add Player] Button
2 – Click each players Name Tag to edit names and handicap values – click save
3 – The software will automatically switch to the next player after each throw/score is input. To avoid mistakes, ONLY the available scoring values will be displayed for each throw.
4 – Scoring will automatically be calculated as you progress through the game.

How to edit a mistake or wrong score input –

1 – When an error in scoring input occurs it is important to finish the “Frame” or set of 2 throws for that player with the error. When needed you may enter any number to close out that frame. (we will go back and edit this score in just a moment) If you do not close out that frame and try to edit a score the system will automatically switch to the next player unintentionally.
2 – Once the error frame is closed you may click on the frame with the error and the software will ask for the new scoring.
3 – After the error frame is closed, click on the frame you are currently scoring to put the scoring back on track.
4 – Continue scoring as normal gameplay