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Bullseye = +1 base Consecutive bullseyes equal extra bases.

3 consecutive bullseyes open up the 4th throw at  The Splits- Hit the split is a HOME RUN. Hit a second split for a 2 run homer. Hit a 3rd split 3 run homer. 4th split GRAND SLAM!

Spare = STRIKE

No spare = OUT

3 Strikes you are out.

3 outs per team

To close to call? = Foul Ball

You could play 1 player as a full team OR have actual teams with players.



MLAT GOLF (advanced aiming)

Venues can create their own personal venue  MLAT golf course!

Splits worth are worth 25pts
Each hole has a designated number.

Hole 1 – 50pts Par 5 = bullseye, bullseye, bullseye, bullseye, bullseye.

Hole 2 – 28pts Par 3 – bullseye, bullseye, 8


Example for hole 2 – 28 points needed.
Throw 1-  split(25)
Throw 2 – 3

Thrower scores a -1


Example of when a player throws over the needed number –

Let’s say a thrower throws over a 28 and throws a 29 on hole 2. Now the thrower needs to subtract the next throw. So the thrower throws for a 1 and hits 1.


Thrower scores a +1

The cycle continues until the proper score is met.